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🚩 Our Vision & Roadmap

📖 What is z2o-k7e?

z2o-k7e is a community-driven project dedicated to collaborative ZKP (Zero-Knowledge Proof) learning and zkp-tutorial writing . In 4 terms zkp co-learning journey since February 2023, we’ve explored & co-learned resources like https://www.zkiap.com, https://zk-learning.org, plonkathon , and 0xPARC halo2 (ongoing), engaging with over 300+ enthusiastic participants!

In this journey, our vibrant community learns collectively, assists one another with q-a, and write zkp-related content collaboratively.

At z2o-k7e, we award bounties to motivate learners for their tech insights, encourage active community maintenance, and promote the organization of ZKP-centric knowledge. Collectively, our mission is to enhance the quality of ZKP Public Goods.

🚀 In 2023, we completed 4 rounds of collaborative learning on different topics of zkp. Now, we plan to accomplish another 4 sessions of zkp collaborative learning in 2024, including advanced topics like plonky3/Nova/zkVM/STARK ….

🚩 Problem Statement:

The world of zkp is riddled with challenges - so many noises, steep entry barriers, convoluted learning processes, an absence of dedicated learning communities, and a deluge of often nebulous information. Through z2o-k7e & the zkp colearning community, we’re committed to confronting and tackling these issues head-on.

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